Water and Multi-Utility Functional Maps

Help to shape the future of National Occupational Standards (NOS) and Qualifications for our sector.

Energy & Utility Skills are inviting employers, training providers and professional bodies to get involved in the current review of Water and Multi-Utility NOS through our focus groups and/or online consultation.

The online consultation will be conducted in two parts; an initial review of the NOS Functional Maps (August 2018), followed by a review of the newly drafted NOS Units (October – November 2018).

A Functional Map is simply an overview of a job role(s), and how the functions of that role relate to the current suite of NOS. As many of these suites have not been reviewed in a long time it would be really helpful to understand at this early stage, if there is anything missing, or no longer relevant to the role that appears in the document, before we begin the review of the individual NOS.  

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are lists of the knowledge and competence required to do a job. These Standards underpin the qualifications and related Apprenticeships which are used within our sector.


We are welcoming feedback on the Water and Multi-Utility NOS Functional maps during August 2018.

To review and provide feedback on the Functional Maps:

  •          Complete the optional fields below
  •          Click on ‘Go to Consultation
  •          Click on the NOS Suite headings to view the Functional Map(s) you would like to review
  •          Change, or comment on the Functional Maps that are most relevant to you, or click on “I’m happy with this document
             to confirm the document is correct. 

A review should take no longer than 30 minutes depending on how much feedback you provide.

If you have any questions at any stage please contact us standardsreview@euskills.co.uk.

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If you have any questions at any stage please contact us standardsreview@euskills.co.uk.