This standard is about planning out the work required, deciding what resources and personnel are required to meet the overall project and the day-to- day requirements. It involves knowing the competences of each team member and how to allocate monitor and supervise their work.

This standard is for those who supervise stagehands.


Performance criteria 

You must be able to: 

  1. interpret production requirements
  2. plan stagehand work in accordance with overall technical plans and directions
  3. obtain and check resources to make sure they are suitable for the work and meet the production requirements
  4. take corrective action when resources are incomplete or unsuitable
  5. allocate work and activities according to levels of skills and ability
  6. take account of any changes to the production schedule
  7. plan work to meet production deadlines
  8. position work stations and powered equipment according to access, power and ventilation needs
  9. plan construction of set pieces and the order in which they will be installed and removed
  10. take into account set striking in when planning the work


Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. potential risks and hazards involved in the work and the procedures for dealing with risks and hazards in the work environment
  2. how to interpret technical and stage plans for planning
  3. the health and safety legislation, regulations, and protocols
  4. the positioning of power points, ventilation, access points and emergency exits
  5. whether a water tank exists, its dimensions and location
  6. the dimensions of the stage
  7. how to allocate personnel required to work on the set dependent on their skills and abilities
  8. the timescale allowed for the work in line with the production schedule