This standard is about ensuring that the set is regularly maintained by always keeping it clear and free of debris, and that it is made secure at the end of the day and checked thoroughly at the start of the day.

It is also about preparing at the end of the day to ensure a swift start of work the next day.


Performance criteria 

You must be able to: 

  1. carry out opening set procedures at the start of the day, including security checks to ensure all equipment is in place
  2. keep the set free from debris at all  times and dispose of waste in a responsible manner
  3. support members of the crew in maintaining a safe and tidy working environment
  4. interpret the work requirements and layout of the operational area
  5. check that a fire lane has been provided for and is always kept clear
  6. identify and deal with hazards which may affect the work activity
  7. identify access and exit points of the work area to maintain security and avoid access by unauthorised personnel
  8. identify and report hazards to the working environment to the appropriate person
  9. put onto charge all those plant and equipment which require recharging for use the following day
  10. ensure all tools are locked securely away at the end of the day’s work
  11. check that lights and power sockets are switched off when closing sets


Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. the health and safety requirements and responsibilities
  2. the correct procedure for opening the set at the beginning of the day
  3. how to interpret technical drawings and stage plans to set up the work area
  4. which plant and equipment will be required for the day’s work
  5. how to prepare tools and equipment for the work activity
  6. how to maintain equipment in working order
  7. the security requirements of the work area
  8. potential security risks, including methods of dealing with unauthorised persons
  9. the procedures for setting up and maintaining a fire lane around the stage
  10. classification of fires and the appropriate extinguishers for dealing with them
  11. how and where to store equipment
  12. the correct procedure for closing and securing the set at the end of the work activity