This standard is about preparing and hanging set backings, which due to their weight and cost requires that you operate and place machinery carefully. You must also ensure that you hang set backings with due care and attention to their size, material, and correct orientation.


Performance criteria 

You must be able to: 

  1. confirm that the rigging has been erected to a sufficient standard and weight limit to hold the set backing
  2. keep the work areas free from dirt and dust and covered with craft paper
  3. avoidany damage ordustanddirt getting on the set backing when handling
  4. operate and place machinery to access rigging
  5. hang set backings following the agreed procedures
  6. orientate set backing to the correct placement and fasten at the top or bottom
  7. secure set backing using fastening and tying techniques to the appropriate level of tension
  8. hang the set backings in line with instructions


Knowledge and understanding

You need to know and understand:

  1. how to handle set backings to avoid damage and dirt
  2. the required orientation of the set backing and that it runs horizontally if it is to form a pan backing
  3. the fastening techniques appropriate to the backing being secured such as photographic, blue, cotton duck, translight , and photographic backing
  4. the correct level of tension appropriate to the use of the set backing
  5. health and safety requirements for working at heights, for operating powered access equipment and for lifting operations
  6. how to minimise the risk of set backings falling and striking persons or damaging equipment
  7. what type of assistance is required when hanging the set backing
  8. the weight limit of any powered access equipment used for the work activity
  9. appropriate tying and securing material suitable for the weight of the set backing such as rope and bungee tie
  10. how to avoid creasing the set backing during hanging