Overview of the role

Providing expert technical advice on a variety of aspects of dairy production.

Occupation summary

This occupation is found in... the food and drink manufacturing sector in the dairy industry.

Dairy products include liquid milks, cream, cheeses, ice creams, powders and ingredients, yoghurt, butter, sports drinks, and baby formulas.

The broad purpose of the occupation is... to provide expert technical advice on a variety of aspects of dairy production. They help investigate operational issues and come up with innovative solutions. They support projects, these may focus on continuous improvement or introducing new processes or products. Developing technical dairy knowledge within the team is also part of the role.

In their daily work, dairy technologists interact with... cross functional teams. This may include operational, continuous improvement, engineering, financial, commercial, and marketing. They also interact with stakeholders. This may include site senior leadership team, customers, and visitors.

They may spend time in the production environment, laboratory, or office.

They may work alone or as part of a team depending on the task. They typically report to the head of quality, plant manager, or technical manager.

Dairy technologists are responsible for... ensuring dairy products are food safe and meet quality requirements along with customer expectations. Health and safety, environment and sustainability, financial considerations, and ethical working practices must also be met.  They are expected to keep up to date with regulations and dairy product developments.

Typical job titles

Dairy technologist, Quality manager, Site technical manager

Are there any statutory/regulatory or other typical entry requirements?


Entry requirements

Typically, GCSE English and mathematics at grade 4 or above.