National Skills Academy for Food & Drink

Modern Apprenticeships in Food and Drink Operations for Scotland

Like many companies, you may be looking to develop high quality recruits. Ensuring we create and maintain  up-to-date and appropriate Modern Apprenticeships can help meet that challenge.

This is your invitation to help meet that objective for our industry.

Having your say is easy - just follow the links.

In this consultation you will be asked for your views on key parts of the frameworks for the Modern Apprenticeships in Food and Drink Operations at SCQF levels 5 and 6. Just click on the 'Next page' button on each page to go to the next part of the consultation. This will take you through the Level 5 Framework first and then the Level 6 Framework.

If you wish to skip the Level 5 material, follow the link in the text at the very bottom of this page.

You will also have the opportunity to review the whole of the Framework Documents and make further comments on those.

Every comment is valuable. Thank you very much for taking part. Please complete all the following short questions to help us put your views in context.

This consultation will run until Friday 29th January 2021.

Please note that by completing this consultation, you agree to your responses being discussed during group consultation activities and to your responses being included in reporting on feedback to these consultations.

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